Sunday, April 12, 2009

mark my words...

... no running until wednesday! it is SO nice out that i just craved a run. also, since i've been spending much of my free time this weekend sitting on my bum crocheting, i crave a bit of movement.

i was actually quite hungry by 11, so i opened up a new honest foods bar, and ate 1/3 of it before heading outside:

maple almond crunch

this was perhaps my favorite flavor yet! this piece fueled me nicely for a 3-mile run (but i was ready for lunch when i got back). i'm currently working on delicious leftovers. it wasn't all that long ago when i was scared to have "dinner food" for lunch. i generally prefer cold things (or toasted sandwiches) for work lunches, but for weekends, it's sometimes nice to have a hot lunch, especially after a run. it's nice to be able to separate out preferences from disordered thoughts.

baby bok choy / onion / red pepper / sweet potato / tempeh / ginger-soy / avocado / pumpkin seed / cilantntro / etc.

time to sit outside . not sure why that sun is red.

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