Saturday, April 25, 2009


at around 10, i started craving a snack. i don't usually have a mid-morning snack, but then again, i usually have a snack before my runs (i ran after breakfast today). so i guess this made sense.

i had the rest of my morning coffee with a bit of vanilla soymilk, and an orange, while watching tv:

by 12:20 i was seriously hungry! i feel good today-- i am able to listen to my body and feel comfortable about my choices. i made a fun lunch:

toasted sliced-egg sandwich (1.5 hardboiled eggs, s&p, light mayo, herbed greens), carrots, tomatoes, and newman's own hi-protein pretzels (yum!)

i didn't plan this perfect bite, but when it happened, i had to take a picture...

off to... um, i don't know what i'm off to do!

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