Tuesday, April 21, 2009

is it tuesday already?

i went to bed too late last night (started crocheting only to do about an hour's worth wrong--oops--as i apparently wasn't reading the pattern carefully... so then i of course had to fix that, and then devil wears prada came on tv . . . ) but for some reason i woke up feeling pretty rested. guess quality of sleep counts for something.

i was very excited for my run this morning, as it was 55° and sunny. i had half of a zōe's granola bar before i left:

peanut butter paradise flavor

i love the granola that zōe foods sent me, but this didn't excite me. maybe i'll like the other flavors more.

my run was great. if only i could bottle up this weather...

i'm still working on this breakfast now:

ezekiel 4:9 english muffin with almond butter/banana on half, almond butter/pumpkinbutter/banana on other half, cottage cheese, and an orange

this was maranatha almond butter (no-stir crunchy), as i just finished off the jar of 365 (chunky). i really like both kinds, and i don't think i have a preference. i'm curious about trying maranatha's "raw" almond butter. would this have a cleaner almond taste? or is this just a dumb idea marketed for raw foodists (don't get me started on this one...). has anyone tried it (or any raw almond butter)?

i enjoyed yesterday's lunch so much that i decided to repeat it today, and plus i thought that it would go well with leftover plantains. so i packed...

orange bell pepper & jalapeno-cilantro hummus sandwich

and the plantains, plus a few baby carrots. i'm thinking these will be good cold... salty, sweet, and soft.

gosh it is so nice out i don't want to go into work. our building seriously lacks windows.


  1. i like the end-of-bread sandwich!

    ps: devil wear's prada = wears of course :) i know that was just a typo!

  2. holy crap - wear's. maybe i am sleepier than i thought!