Sunday, April 5, 2009

weekend wrap-up

hmmm. i think i'm actually glad the weekend is over. i'm confused. i went out with a guy for lunch for a 2nd date, and while it was nice, i'm getting a vibe that he's just not all that into me. so that sux, but oh-bla-di-oh-bla-da-life-goes-on... at least i got a yummy meal out of the deal (i offered to pay but he insisted). we split a falafel pita sandwich, and had baba ghanouj, hummus, pita, and grape leaves on the side. plus a walnut baklavah for dessert.

later, i met up with marilyn again (@ whole foods!), and we caught up while she shopped. time flew by, and before we knew it, it was 5:30. originally i was just going to get an iced latte, but for some reason i started feeling serious hunger pangs (i almost never eat so early), and the hot bar was looking extremely tempting (sorry leftovers!). THANKFULLY marilyn had her camera with her, otherwise this beautiful plastic plate covered in deliciousness would not have been documented.

clockwise from top-left: cheesy squash casserole, herb-flavored tempeh, cilantro-corn, collards, and "tropical tofu" with orange, pineapple, and plantain.

everything hit the spot, and i really enjoyed the company. i think food can taste better when enjoyed along with friends . i CLEANED my plate, and felt a bit guilty at first... but i think i really was that hungry!

afterwards we took a walk around the shopping center, and i snuck us into the yarn store (since i have a store key). i felt slightly rebellious (since i didn't NEED to be in there) but oh wells, no harm done. and now y'alls get to see the lovely store!

here's to more reunions!

i'm quite exhausted now, and i'm not even sure why, although i don't think i got quite 8 hours of sleep either night this weekend (boo!). i decided i wanted something refreshing for dessert so i had one of these:

note the pot in the background-- i slaved away all night making...

hard-boiled eggs and wheatberries!

and so we begin another week...

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  1. falafel pita! squash casserole! wow! I'm jealous!