Saturday, April 4, 2009

overall, a good day

i'm not quite sure all that i did today, but it was a pretty good day. my lunch didn't hold me over all that long, and by around 2 i needed a snack. i had 1/2 of an opened pomegranate-walnut crisp plank:


i got all my grocery shopping done this afternoon... but by the time i got home, at around 5, i realized i really didn't feel like eating dinner alone. so i called my friend f., who happened to already be in my neck of the woods . she came over with a bottle of wine!

we cooked and chatted while sipping pinot grigio. the yummy results:

emmentaler-stuffed turkey burgers with tomato-onion sauté, and an orange, jicima, and carrot slaw with roasted pumpkin seed dressing. with a sliced dill pickle & ketchup. oh, and more wine...

i went back for seconds on the slaw .

i'm now eating 3 gigantic strawberries.

time to read in bed.

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