Tuesday, April 14, 2009

cottage cheese + figs + salted peanuts

i discovered this amazing combo one day randomly while packing a snack for work. i love salty-sweet combos, and just love cottage cheese to begin with. also, i'm so glad i decided to try out the full fat cottage cheese last time i picked up a container at the store, because it's so good!

i didn't think i would need a snack today, as i was quite full from lunch, but i went on an unplanned run at around 3. i broke the budget in doing so-- i finished off the week with 15 miles (the budget is 12)-- but i was just stressed and wanted to release some energy. plus, i have some yucky body image right now, which i know is because of my cycle, but it still sux! i'm not excusing the run... i shouldn't have done it... but at least i can identify my triggers.

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