Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy thursday (because i can't come up with a title)

wow, i'm tired. i'm not doing very well on the get-to-bed-at-a-reasonable-hour goal. i still got up and ran though, figuring that if i didn't, i'd feel worse later. which might be true, but it was a tough run. i had a small piece of a maple almond crunch honest bar pre-run:


i started planning my breakfast while running. HA! as the weather is getting warmer, it will be nice to have more cold breakfasts. i couldn't wait to try out the zōe's granola i got in the mail yesterday. i decided on the cranberries currents flavor, and tried a handful straight from the box:

yum! this granola is light, not dense like many granolas. i'm guessing it's from the rice and soy crisps. after some deliberation, i decided on:
  • 1 cup plain chobani
  • 4 huge strawberries, cut up
  • serving (3/4 c) granola
  • drizzle honey

and the verdict? really good! the clusters were big and crunchy. i love plain yogurt with granola... the contrast between tangy and sweet. i'm also impressed that one serving of the granola has 7g of fiber, as many granolas are not so great in this area. the ONLY complaint that i have is that i got very few dried cranberries & currents, although i'm wondering if they might have all settled to the bottom during shipping. i'm excited to try the other flavors, but it won't be for a while, since i now have 2 types of granola open. i will definitely purchase zōe's in the future, but i won't need to for quite some time .

another thing this granola has going for it is its name... zōe's just has a nice ring to it, and, as i learned from the letterhead on the lovely note sent with the package, zōe is greek for LIFE. but one thing i will have to ask the company is about its pronunciation, as the letterhead showed (zō'ē), which would be zo-ee, but online sources tell me that the greek word is pronounced zo-ay. perhaps it is a mix of the greek noun and the name (which is pronounced zo-ee). yes, i like to learn about things like this .

since i didn't get my almond butter or banana fix at breakfast, i strategically planned it into lunch.

almond buttah & banana, artistically arranged (to fit the entire banana, duh)

365 almond butter is very creamy, even straight from the fridge

along with some healthy veggies:

i can't get enough fruit these days. for a snack i packed:

cameo apple drizzled with lemon (to prevent browning) and honey (to counteract the tartness of the lemon...)... and...

baggie of chocolate and cinnamon bunnies. because snacks ought to be cute.

now that i've finished my coffee, i've decided it is going to be a good day.


  1. LOL @ "snacks ought to be cute." I totally agree!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for the great blog post! You're right, sometimes the fruit does settle on the bottom; sometimes, when I think of it, I like to open cereals with fruit in them from the bottom instead of the top to get better distribution. I'm sure there's more than one way to pronounce Zoe, but here at Zoe Foods, we pronounce it "zoh-ee" - thanks for noticing. :) On another note, I've never had apples with lemon and honey, but it seems brilliant. Think I'll try that tomorrow!

    Kim from Zoe Foods