Monday, April 27, 2009

mmmm best recipe ever...

= almond-crusted tempeh shepherd's pie w/ orange mashed yams. the yams were made by making a syrup made w/ butter, fresh orange juice&zest, lemon, and brown rice syrup. in the "pie" was sauteed onions, carrots, veg broth, tamari, wild rice & 3grain tempeh, new potatoes, frozen corn/peas, sage, thyme, and love. i made the entire ginormous recipe (but only half the yams) and made 3 stuffed bell peppers with half of the filling, which i promptly froze (i chose to do this because i figured that the potato topping wouldn't freeze, but bell peppers would freeze well). as much as i enjoy cooking, i really enjoy pulling homemade leftovers from the freezer and not having any cleanup to do. sorry, no pics of the peppers, but you'll see them eventually .

the lovely 1/2 pie, baked in a loaf pan...

i am totally making this recipe again. it was perfect.

the recipe is from the whole foods cookbook. i found adapted versions online, but not the entire recipe (a few sites just said "mashed yams," but what really made this special were the orange yams). guess you'll have to buy the book...

i didn't get to my afternoon snack today... just wasn't all that hungry for it. i did munch on a few carrot sticks while cooking dinner. and all i want now is a square of chili chocolate, plus some italian sparkling water (on sale for $.99/liter bottle at whole foods, so i bought 3).

off to read in bed!


  1. Hey lady,

    The shepherds pie looks awesome. I'll be right over, to help you clean your freezer! :)