Tuesday, April 14, 2009


lunchbreak from... uh, my day off. actually i really don't feel great today: cramps + lack of sleep (i tried to nap but failed!).

i wanted to eat my indian leftovers, but they weren't enough for a meal. also, i wanted more veggies, as that's the one component of indian food that i often find lacking. so when i peered into my fridge and saw:
  • leftover avocado
  • leftover diced tomato
  • 1/2 a lime
  • cilantro
... i knew i needed to make guacamole!

round plate: leftover palak paneer, plantain fritter (toasted in toaster over to re-crisp), small amount masala dosai, and cilantro-coconut chutney
square plate: bell pepper, carrots, blue corn tortilla chips, and the guac, with a bit of tabasco, s & p

once again i asked myself... was this too much? the 2 plates scared me at first... but i could tell that the indian was not a meal's worth... and the other plate was half veggies. and i feel fine!


  1. your meal looks great! There's no way you ate too much if half the meal was veggies. If you really ate "too many" veggies, it's not like there's any "bad" things in them for your body to absorb. and now i'm off to find myself some guac for lunch...yours looked so yummy!

  2. oh i def wasn't afraid i ate too many veggies, just too much overall. but i don't really think i did! glad i inspired you... i forgot how much i <3 guac.