Wednesday, April 15, 2009

why me?

just kidding. but i do find it somewhat ironic that i took the day off yesterday only to sleep terribly last night, so now i'm going to go into work much less than well rested. this time i have no idea what caused the poor sleep, although i was slightly warm and kept kicking off the covers. other than that though, i had had no caffeine, no alcohol, was well fed, etc.

i'm finishing up breakfast now, and it rocked.

maple-cinn waffles (marked "made with oatbran" on the package... perhaps that's why i like them so much?), 1 with pecan butter and banana, the other with a smidgen of pecan butter, pumpkin butter, a few banana slices, and carob chips (at least i think these are carob chips... they were in my "bulk foods container" but i have both carob and reg). and perfect, local strawberries.

so glad strawberry season is not ending any time soon.

i'm almost out of the pecan butter... i may have to make some more, because i've really really enjoyed it.

depite the sleepiness, my lunch and snacks are all packed:

12-grain harvest bread w/ mustard, mayo, honey-maple turkey, aged hirtenkase cheese, and a pile of herbed greens

i love both hearty seed/grain breads like these as well as soft and fluffy whole wheat sandwich breads. different, but i don't think i actually prefer one over the other. anyone feel the same?

packed w/ the usual veggies... pepper and carrots:

and a snack for the afternoon:

soaked muesli/yogurt leftover from yesterday, pb pretzels

happy humpday everyone!


  1. I get really affected by warm temperatures while sleeping. That could very well be the issue last night.
    Have a good day today!

  2. I'm not that way....but my boyfriend certainly is. Did you do anything to get your metabolism at night? Whenever he worksout or eats something like veggies too close to 'bedtime,' then he won't sleep at all

  3. i can eat close to bedtime without a problem... i'm thinking it was the warmth? but it's not like it is summer... maybe just a shift in temp.