Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i had a good day... thoughtful session with my nutritionist, productive day at work... ate a homemade oatmeal chip cookie brought in by a fabulous baker at work (plus a wallaby yogurt for an afternoon snack, forgot to post that!)

and for dinner i made mustard-herb lamb (chops pulled from freezer last night) with raisin-sunflower seed brussel sprouts, plus whole wheat naan.

the chops were tiny but rather fatty, and i actually made 2 more for leftovers tomorrow. i cut the meat off the bone for the leftovers (because i plan to have them in pita or on a salad) and ended up gnawing on the bones. i started feeling gross and such, and somehow decided i would have some strawberries to finish off with something healthy. about 8 strawberries and most of a pear later, here i am, thinking that it would be oh so easy to "go backwards" so to speak. it is amazing how automatic of a thought that is at times (i really don't think of it most of the time, but when i'm feeling anxious after a meal, it's there), as it's a thought that most people would never think of.

again, i need to remind myself of the facts... i did not overeat today, and a couple servings of fruit is nothing to fuss over. all will be OK.


  1. exactly. it was not a lot at all, and nice and healthy :) you deserved it all! and fruit is so yummy.