Saturday, February 7, 2009

and another thing that is good in gelato bowls...

... gelato! or well, greek-style banana frozen yogurt. i picked this up at the store today while i was buying a few ingredients for dinner... a bit of a splurge, but at least my dinner was fairly inexpensive, what with the frozen corn and edamame and the leftovers that are to come.

and my bowl:

2/3 or 3/4? cup banana frozen yogurt with 1/2 small banana, sliced
** 1 dairy, 2 other, 1/2 fruit **

man o man this was good. it was way tangier than pretty much any frozen yogurt i've ever had before (it tasted like... yogurt) but also had a sort of cheesecake-like taste to it. i think my body is finally getting somewhat used to good food in reasonable quantities. now that i'm finished i'm quite satisfied, and having 2/3 of the container left in my freezer doesn't bother me... probably because i fed myself well for the rest of the day (and week). today is day 10 of not restricting calories (not that i'm counting or anything ) and for now, i'm ok with it!

and today's totals:

8 starch
5 protein
3 dairy
3.5 fruit
4 veg
7 other

perhaps slightly more than other days, but i did go for a run so i probably needed a bit more anyway.


  1. I've never seen Greek frozen yogurt, but I really like regular Greek yogurt--I'll have to give it a try!

  2. amy - i hadn't ever see this before either... you must try!