Thursday, February 26, 2009

when you dream about sleep...

... you know you aren't getting enough! i actually dreamt that i slept a luxurious 9 or 10 hours, and woke up (in my dream) feeling totally refreshed. but then i woke up for real and realized that no, i had slept from 11 to 6. really i have no one to blame for this but myself... oh well.

i woke up hungry again this morning. although sadly much of that hunger has gone away from the time i woke to now, as i'm eating breakfast. i should think about showering/packing lunch in the evenings.

my lunch/snacks are pretty:

top: lunch; bottom: snacks!
morning snack - total splurge on a new product at whole foods - rachel's pear and mangosteen*cottage cheese
lunch - smoked turkey, monterey jack cheese, and leftover raw veggie slices that didn't fit into the ratatouille (zucchini/squash/tomato/eggplant) with light mayo on one side, stoneground mustard on the other, and a nectarine
afternoon snack - puffins, 6 almonds, and a dried fig
** 1 dairy / 2 starch, 2 protein, 1 dairy, 1 veg, 1 other, 1 fruit / 1 starch, 1 other **

*aesthetic packaging at its best. i don't even know what mangosteen is, and yet i paid something like $1.60 for this thing. ok thanks wikipedia, now i know. seriously though, i bet gourmet food companies could get consumers to buy products using made up names. i mean, wouldn't you buy this?

whipped rhatcha and anise star yogurt with cinnamon dusted peaches

price makes a difference too. i doubt my rhatcha yogurt would sell for $.60/container, but i bet it WOULD for $1.79. because expensive = gourmet, right?! food for thought .

i thought about having cereal for breakfast, as i ate a couple puffins while packing lunch, but then i decided that if i didn't include almond butter in today's breakfast, i'd miss it!

ezekiel 4:9 english muffin with maple-almond butter on half, plum-cherry preserves on the other, and some fresh, local strawberries purchased yesterday
** 2 starch, 1 protein, 1 other, 1 fruit **

i never get tired of this:

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