Monday, February 2, 2009

back to the grind.

monday morning already? this weekend flew by, maybe because it was the first in a while that i really enjoyed. i thought about going for a run this morning but realized i'd be doing it to push myself rather than because i wanted to, and it's probably best to give myself a break. i am allowed to eat without running... gotta remember that. my old standby for breakfast:

ezekiel english muffin (cinnamon raisin this time ooh!) with 1T almond butter & banana on one half, apple butter on the other
** 2 starch, 1 protein, 1 other, 1 fruit **

food packed for the day:

clockwise from top-right:
morning snack - pb pretzels, applesauce
lunch - same as yesterday's to help use up the deli meat! - turkey/provolone/spinach on whole wheat with a bit of light mayo & mustard, tomatoes & bell pepper with hummus
afternoon snack - fage greek yogurt with 1/4 cup muesli mixed in
** 1 starch, 1 fruit / 2 starch, 2 protein, 1 dairy, 2 veg, 1 other / 1 dairy, 1 starch **

hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go

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