Thursday, February 19, 2009


so despite feeling icky yesterday night, i decided to assume that i would feel better in the a.m. and have fun with a little breakfast experiment. plus, it involved oatmeal and banana, and both of those things are good for the stomach .

i woke up at 6:30 feeling OK... not perfect... but HUNGRY! it's not as if i starved yesterday, but i probably ate around 400 or so calories less than i normally do (if i was counting calories!) so i guess my body noticed. i decided to skip running this morning.

i learned about OVERNIGHT OATS from Lee, a fellow food/recovery-blogger. and how timely--she just posted about a very yummy looking bowl of overnight oats. i must say Lee, you are a genius! here's what i did:

the before:

mix 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup rolled oats, almost a 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk, 1/2 large banana, diced, and 3 big turkish apricots, snipped. mix together, cover, stick in fridge overnight.

the after (not yet cooked):

look how it absorbed almost all of the liquid!

and the final product!

heated in microwave 2.5 min, with a heaping T of crunchy almond butter
** 2 starch, 1 protein, 1 fruit, .5 dairy, 1 other **

and a close-up of the goodness:

the overnight process made the oats really creamy-- absorbing all that water and sweet vanilla soymilk... even the bananas tasted better! plus it's cool to be able to just stick a bowl into the microwave in the morning.

as usual, i prepped my lunch before breakfast-- i like to be more or less ready for work after breakfast, and i don't really want to look at food again for a while. i'm really hoping my stomach will be OK for the day.

i packed a fun lunch, i think:

2 part lunch: sandwich on a couple slices of that great la farm boule, with plenty of roasted red pepper hummus, cucumber slices, and orange bell pepper. knowing that this would be a skimpy lunch by itself i packed along most of a container of chobani (used some in my salad the other night), with blueberries, dried cherries, and heart2heart to mix in later (if you mix in cereal into reg yogurt, it stays ok, but if you mix it into greek yogurt, it becomes a thick paste-- the cereal gets soft, absorbing the liquid, and the yogurt becomes even thicker)
** 2.5 starch, 1 fruit, 1 veg, 1 dairy, 2 other **

and the snacks:

morning snack - sliced apple (this was one huge apple!)
afternon snack - 10 kashi 7-grain crackers, with a slice of pepper-jack (cut up for convenience!)
** 1 fruit / 1 starch, 1 dairy **

... and the thoughts return. i am very full right now, and sometimes it's hard to see all the food at once (while posting). but i will remind myself that my eyes are distorted when it comes to food volume, and that i know rationally that what i packed was very healthy, very normal, and definitely not too much.


  1. wow girl, you are so organized! I mean that in a total compliment! and i am all too familiar with the exchanges. I count my food that way, too. I count my oats as 2 grain and 2 pro, 1 fruit and 1 lipid. (i usually add another grain on top of oats, a heaping tbsp of pb and some sort of dairy/alternate protein!) they look awesome!!

    your eats look awesome!! feel better!

  2. ahahha yeah we count the same way basically! like the oats would be 1.5 starch on their own but 2T nut butter would add 1 starch, 1 protein, 1 other (i used more like 1 generous T so i counted it as .5 starch, 1 protein, 1 other). it's def not an exact science so i rough it on things like pb or when a meal is more or less of a mess of exchanges... but that's the beauty of it, because it all works out in the end!