Wednesday, February 4, 2009

late dinner!

10 after 9 and i'm just getting around to dinner now! i went to a knitting/crochet meetup group tonight after work, and since it ran right into/past dinnertime, i decided to swap my evening snack with my dinner. i had a tall soy vanilla latte while there (** 1.5 dairy, 1 other ** ). i was a bit triggered when 2 of the people there were like "well i guess that's dinner" as they bought a drink and a pastry... and i was thinking about the fact that i was going to go home and have a real dinner. but i know that:

a) i really should not be comparing myself to other people - not at any one moment or overall... i do not know what others' needs are and i do not know what other people eat 24/7
b) my latte cannot replace a meal
c) i'm in very good hands as far as my nutrition/weight monitoring (i don't know my weight and honestly, i don't really want to know right now) so i can relax a bit... and i think overall i do have fairly good instincts (is that possible?!)

i transformed my roasted chicken/couscous leftovers yet again, and made this delicious salad. i was a bit scared at first looking at the volume, but with all the veggies i'm going to trust that it isn't too much.

spinach salad w/ roasted chicken, carrots, prunes, onions, garlic, seasoned harvest grain couscous mix, 1/2 of a whole wheat pita, and a drizzle of annie's lowfat honey mustard dressing
** 2 starch, 2 veg, 3 protein, 2 other **

finishing up the day with the latest fancy chocolate - local and 2 thumbs up!

escazu 74% with chipotle chili (purchased at whole foods, of course)
** 1 other **

today's totals:

7 starch
6 protein
3.5 dairy
3 fruit
3 veg
7 other

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