Monday, February 9, 2009

blogging from work... teehee...

-- interlude--

i don't get it. i just picked up my lunch from the breakroom fridge, where i had to fight my way through a lean-cuisine-infused smoke. as i walked back to my desk i saw the evidence... a black plastic tray on every 3rd desk or so. and i just don't get it. i used to try to eat those things when i wasn't eating much, but the reality is that they really don't taste very good, and they certainly aren't very filling/satisfying. so i ask... a) why do people eat them and b) why are so many of the people eating them overweight? i guess for the same reason that my anorexia morphed into bulimia many years ago... i just. got. too. hungry. those lean cuisines don't really work in suppressing hunger... they just fool you to think you've had lunch because well, it's packaged that way. but sooner or later those lean-cuisine-eaters will run towards the nearest vending machine. so i guess i do get it, after all. but it's still hard for me to eat my own lunch without some comparison... but really, thinking things like my lunch is easily 2x the calories of a lean cuisine isn't all that reasonable, given what i wrote about above, and it certainly isn't helpful.

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  1. Your lunch is so much more FILLING, though. And healthy. And probably tastes a heck of a lot better, too.