Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"how do you stay thin?"

i was hungry today! my oat bran held me over until about 12 or so, and at 12:15 when i got my lunch i was ready to inhale it. i was ready for a snack at around 3, and had the cheese&kashi crackers i had kept at work from last week (** 1 starch, 1 dairy **). my class started at 6:30, so i stopped over at whole foods first to pick up a few things (FRUIT!) plus something for dinner. i didn't want anything hot or heavy (probably because i had a hot lunch), but i was definitely hungry, so i picked up a turkey, cheese, & veggie sandwich. plus 1 dark chocolate covered apricot from the bulk foods aisle (wonder if they thought i was slightly crazy for buying ONE of something in the BULK aisle ). guessing ** 2.5 starch, 1.5 dairy, 2 protein, 1 veg, 1 other ** ... it was a fairly big turkey sandwich!

when i got to the store (at around 6), the annoying lady (student) was already there. let's call her al.

al: oh, i didn't know it was lunchtime.
me: heh

and then later, when i get out the chocolate apricot:

al: how do you stay so thin? do you work at it?
me: heh

i just don't get what people think gives them the the right to comment on other people's food choices or bodies.

i wasn't really hungry for a snack now, but i know i can't skip (per my nutritionist... if i'm extra hungry i'm allowed to eat more than my "normal" mealplan-- put in quotes because i have a rough idea of how much i eat day to day but it's not really set and i do vary slightly from day to day-- but if i'm not hungry i'm not allowed to eat less). no fair, right? but this does make sense, and my nutritionist really does have my best interest in mind. this is not so much for the fear that one or two days of eating slightly less will have an impact on my weight (i'm finally close to where my weight should settle, after having been chronically under for the past few years) but for the fact that even slight undereating increases my risk-- exponentially-- for slipping into disordered behaviors. it's amazing what the human body is programmed to do when undernourished... wow i can't believe i'm referencing the keys study...

so long story short, i had a snack:

BIG apple and a small amount of plain greek yogurt mixed with a cinnamon honey stick, for dipping
** 1 fruit, 1/2 dairy **

and today's totals:

7.5 starch
4.5 dairy
2.5 fruit
3 veg
2 protein
6 other*

*i prob had the equivalent of another other too (a tiny taste of gouda at whole foods, a bit of sugar in my tea for lunch, and an adora calcium disk) but i haven't been counting the occasional nibble here and there so i'm not about to start!

edit: ate a nectarine (10:30 p.m.). why is is that i often get hungry later? almost as if eating a snack can "wake up" the hunger signals? at first i felt guilty but then realized... i was actually hungry. so no guilt allowed!


  1. What exactly are those honey sticks? Just honey in a little tube? Where do you get them? I WANT SOME!!

  2. hi hopeagain,

    yup, just honey in a little tube (these were cinnamon flavored - yum!). i found them at the regular supermarket but you can get them online - here's one link: