Sunday, February 15, 2009


here's what i'm currently eating:

amy's veggie loaf with mashed potatoes & veggies
** idk, like half the exchanges of a normal dinner? **

this isn't dinner. in fact i'm looking at it thinking, damn, this used to be a stretch for me. i had plans to make plumped caramelized-ginger shrimp, rice, and broiled asparagus with sea salt and olive oil... but alas, i got caught up in my cleaning (read: i still haven't really cleaned... i got caught up weeding through my closet for things to give away) and suddenly at 7:30 i found myself starving. i would have even prefered a veggie burger or a chicken sausage with some frozen veggies or a salad to this (also options currently in my freezer), but i have a few frozen dinners in my freezer and i'd rather make room for homemade frozen meals. so i'm eating this. it's not bad-- for a frozen dinner it is decent-- but wow, how can an entree under 300 calories be considered a meal? actually the veggieloaf itself was pretty filling, but i wanted more veggies & potato. i will be having one serious night snack later!

for now it's back to my laundry!

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