Wednesday, February 18, 2009

change of plans

so my stomach has been hurting off and on all day. i worked at a quiet coffeeshop instead of going into work (but actually got quite a bit done), and managed to keep up with my food up through lunch... but then at 5:30, i just couldn't even think about eating my snack as planned (a granola bar and milky drink of sorts to tie me over until after 9 when i'd get home)... so i called my nutritionist for some advice. she suggested bland food, and when she said "maybe a bagel" i decided that sounded OK - so i bought one, plus some soup for later on.

well it's later on, and i only got through 1/2 the bagel in my class, so i'm trying again. with the 2nd half, toasted, and a can of whole foods' chicken noodle soup. it actually tastes OK, but i'm still not all that hungry despite my last meal having been 8 hours ago.

toasted plain old wheat bagel + chicken noodle soup
(i'm so not counting exchanges at this point)

hopefully i'll wake up feeling normal tomorrow. my nutritionist said not to push it, so it's OK if i don't get in all my exchanges. and if i feel like this tomorrow morning, i won't run (i didn't run today). promise!

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