Thursday, February 12, 2009

i knew i'd be eating dinner late...

... but i didn't think as late as 10. after work i stopped off to buy a couple small presents for my friend (bday on vday!), and i got home around 6:30.

oh, i had a sugar cookie @ work... someone brought them in. probably around ** 1 starch, 1 other ** ?

i wasn't hungry when i got home, so i decided to make what would be the final component of my friend's bday present - a crocheted cat toy! she is getting a cat for her bday, so this will be perfect! i think it turned out great . this took longer than it looks... and it's filled with catnip, too.

after i was done this i still wasn't hungry... so i began working on finishing the cookies i had made on sunday. boy from start to finish, these were labor intensive, but i think the finished product looks awesome. i have 2 containers of these to bring in (single-layer because i don't want to mess them up on the commute).

and a close-up:

so by the time i had finished all this, and cleaned up, it was late. i still wasn't hungry, but my body often doesn't know if it's hungry or not... and i know i can't skip dinner. i popped the leftover piece of pizza from friday night into the oven, and whipped up a salad.

fresh herb salad (gotta love the $1.99 salad bags @ whole foods) with arugula, radicchio, field greens, parsely, dill, and cilantro - so good - with cucumber, tomato, crushed caramelized walnuts, and annie's lite honey-mustard, + slice of veggie/cheese pizza with a ton of stuff on it!
** 2 starch, 2 veg, 3 protein, 2 other ** (basically a guess but it's the 'standard dinner formula' so i'll go with it)

and some close-ups, because i still love my new digital camera:

i barely have the energy to put away my dishes and change into pjs... i think this was too much for a weeknight!

daily totals:

8.5 starch
3 dairy
2 fruit
4 veg
4 protein
5 other

i feel like i underestimated today, and/or i feel like i ate too much. possibly because i ate dinner at 10 while not even hungry... i wonder if a non-disordered person would just go to bed rather than force down a meal? although the non-disordered person would probably get hungry if the last thing he/she ate was a sugar cookie @ 4:30 p.m. . . . sometimes i feel like i can't trust either when i'm hungry or when i'm not. all in due time i guess.

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