Friday, February 13, 2009

sambar idli, ponticherry dosai and aloo gobi

i had a lovely south indian vegetarian feast tonight for dinner with my friend - sambar idli (soft rice patties with some yellowish sauce), ponticherry dosai (crisp crepe-like wrap filled with potatoes and masala), and aloo gobi (cauliflower, eggplant, and potato curry, with rice). no pics but i have leftovers so i will post those later. i think i ate a bit more than my usual dinners, since i was out, but probably not by all that much. i'll guess something like ** 3 starch, 2 protein, 2 veg, 2 other ** ?

i was cold when i came home, so i made an cup of indian-inspired chai, to go along with my dinner. i've had this mix for probably 1.5 years or something but keep forgetting that i have it.

masala chai, made with soymilk
** 1 dairy, 1 other **

here's the stuff i used:

my morning snack today was quite un-nutritious (oh wait, i'm not supposed to say that?!). i had a small one of the heart cookies posted earlier, and then in a v-day themed meeting i ate a fun-size package of pinkred&white m&m's. and apparently i was still craving sugar, because i ate a v-day laffy taffy later (part of a goody bag hanging on my apt. door when i got home!):

still, these guys are a total of like 150 calories or less so i'll just add on a couple others.

oh! and i broke out of my mold for friday latte day, and tried starbucks' new drink: vanilla rooibas tea latte. the pic below isn't from starbucks but i think it is pretty nonetheless. the drink was pretty good - not something i'd get every time but i think i'll get it again sometime. i'm not quite sure how it was made - it had a teabag in it so i think perhaps it was steeped with water and then the hot milk was added afterwards?

daily totals - somewhat more of a rough estimate today:

8.5 starch
3.5 dairy
4 protein
2.5 fruit
2 veg
10 other

this is a bit more than usual, but nothing to get worked up about... at least that's what i'm going to tell myself. 10 others seems like a lot of extra fats/sugars (in the chai, the latte, the cookie, the candy....) but since most days aren't like this i guess i shouldn't feel bad.

i cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow .

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