Monday, February 9, 2009

confusing hunger signals

after dinner i made myself a cup of pumpkin tea with a splash of milk & honey. my cat was intrigued.

** 1 other **

... but by 9 i was HUNGRY again. i got kind of scared... maybe i wasn't actually hungry? i mean, i ate throughout the day... i guess i just don't trust my hunger cues 1 iota (well, i trust when i'm not hungry hahaha).

i mixed up another bowl of cereal, because i wasn't in the mood for yogurt and still wanted something milky. i tried adding pear (i like pear in yogurt but never tried in cereal) and to be honest it really wasn't my favorite. i think i'll stick with berries or bananas in my cereal.

ezekiel whole grain cinn-raisin cereal, small pear, soymilk
** 1 starch, 1/2 dairy, 1 fruit **

and the totals:

8.5 starch
2.5 dairy
4 protein
3.5 fruit
4 veg
4 other

whether or not my hunger signals are trustworthy, i definitely did not overeat. looking forward to seeing my nutritionist tomorrow morning so she can reassure me of this .

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