Saturday, February 28, 2009

hunger, go away.

hunger often scares me. i've been hungrier for the past few days. i had a snack, in 2 parts. first, an apple:

** 1 fruit **

and then, feeling like the very hungry caterpillar, i ate the other half of the coconut larabar i had this morning. i actually do like them plain, but i think i like them better as an oatmeal topping.

** 1 starch **

and today's totals:

9.5 starch
1.5 dairy
3 fruit
6 protein
4 veg
6 other

sometimes i wonder if totaling up my exchanges is a good or bad thing?


  1. I know you don't trust your hunger, but the only way to learn if you can trust it is to try listening to it for a bit and to see what happens. Last time we talked you said you still had some weight to gain, right now is the time to figure all of that out, not when you're where you need to be and you're terrified you'll go over your goal weight. I know it is hard, but today you did it, and tomorrow you can do. It takes time, but you will get this so long as you stick it out. (hugs)

  2. thanks. actually in a way i did trust the hunger... i realized that i don't like feeling hungry so i had to eat to solve that. and i'm definitely working on it now, and will continue to work on it later. i think i'm quite close to where i need to be weight-wise, but my nutritionist will have to tell me that to be sure. thanks for your thoughts =).