Sunday, February 1, 2009

dinner recycling

early dinner tonight because i was HUNGRY! guess that 2.7 mile hike wore me out =). i had this piece of leftover chocolate (from baking yesterday) at around 3, just because i wanted something sweet:

** 1 other **

i wasn't thrilled at the idea of having the chicken sausage/pepper pasta yet AGAIN, and when i was on the phone with my sister she suggested doctoring it up... into a soup. i remembered i had a box of roasted red pepper-tomato soup, and figured that would be perfect! so i dumped about 3/4 of the pasta i had left into a cup or so of the soup, added a whole wheat english muffin for dunking, and voila! recyled dinner!

roasted red pepper, pasta, & chicken sausage soup, and a rudi's whole wheat english muffin
** 3 protein, 2 starch, 2 veg, 2 other **

i finally finished a sweater i started in MARCH of last year. yeah, i am bad at finishing things. but i think it turned out great!

now i'm starting on baby overalls for a present, and i'll finish those in no time (i'm really good at finishing things when they are gifts). so i'd write more, but my crocheting awaits me!

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  1. yay glad it worked! so far josh is not yet awake which kind of puts a hole in our superbowl plans . . . maybe we won't end up watching it after all! i feel bad for him though. you KNOW he must be tired if he's missing this . . .