Sunday, February 8, 2009

productive day!

i enjoyed another nice run today. i want to make sure i don't make running a "need" - as in, i must run in order to eat xyz. i am going to keep it at ~3x/week.

after the run i had a small snack, because i was planning on meeting a friend for lunch. i often crave cottage cheese:

4oz. cottage cheese
** 1 dairy **

no pictures for lunch, but i had my favorite sandwich at my favorite coffeeshop:

hummus, tabouli, pico de gallo, sprouts, scallions, sunflower seeds, havarti cheese, and mustard baked together on whole grain bread... plus a few tortilla chips with more pico de gallo on the side
** 3 starch, 2 protein, 2 veg, 2 other **

afterwards i had a nice cup of chamomile citrus tea, with a little honey (but i'm not counting that)

after some much needed laundry, i sat out on my porch listening to music and crocheting. i let my cat out too... i watched her to make sure she wouldn't make a jump for it...

at around 3:30 i needed a snack, so i had some cashews and raisins:

** 1 protein, 1 other, 1/2 fruit **

i wanted to make my friend cookies for her bday (vday, but we'll celebrate on friday - we work together), so i started on my project. in hindsight, 4:30pm probably wasn't the best time to go shopping for ingredients for a project that required rolling out cookies in many batches due to a very sticky and fragile dough... in the end i hope my cookies look like this:

but i'll have to wait until thursday night for the finished product. but i did 90% of the work, and my cookies are now in the freezer to stay fresh until i'm ready to sandwich them. here's the result of my hard labor:

once they are filled and dusted with powdered sugar i think they will look great! i ate 1 tiny heart as a taste. one thing this baking project did to me was completely take away my hunger. either that or the fact the i wasn't done until almost 9 (well, including cleanup). i'm finally working on dinner now... i converted last night's hot dish into a cold one in pita form, and drizzled on some hoisin on top. i'm eating because i know i have to really.

leftover smoked tofu & edamame succotash in a toasted whole wheat pita, with a drizzle of hoisin
** 2 starch, 2 veg, 3 protein, 2 other **

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  1. your heart cookies look very pretty! I am no good at wielding a rolling pin.