Tuesday, February 3, 2009


today was superstressful. the ceo has this grandiose (and absurd) idea to completely revamp our daily reports, when he doesn't even look at the reports in the first place... and he wants me to somehow merge our office's stats with those in the uk&ireland (we have offices there as well), but their reports are a mess and so they will now become my mess. and i was given the month to come up with something... so yeah, i'm a bit frustrated/overwhelmed.

i came out of my meeting with the ceo @ 3, and had another meeting a 4, and really had no hunger for my afternoon snack. so i skipped it. it's now 6:40 and i'm having dinner (though still no hunger), and i'll try to add onto my evening snck so that i don't let myself cut into the mealplan. 1/2 finished with my dinner and already full .

homemade smokey refried bean & vegetable soup (pulled from the freezer) with a tablespoon of greek yogurt on top, blue corn chips w/ salsa, and orange bell pepper strips
** 2 starch, 2 veg, 3 protein, 2 other **

off to look for something trashy on tv - must forget about work. i hate how when i get anxious/stressed, my already off body signals get even more off... i feel like i just totally overate right now... but realistically i definitely didn't...

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  1. oh your snack looked some yummy too :( YOU SO DID NOT OVEREAT. that is all.