Wednesday, February 11, 2009

crocheting stress?!

i skipped my afternoon snack today because i had eaten lunch at 1:30 and knew i had to have dinner at around 6, since the class i was teaching began at 6:30. i picked up dinner @ whole foods and ate in the store, chatting with the store owners as they closed up the store for the day. i was craving sushi so i got what looked almost exactly like this picture (took a bit of internet searching!)

8-pc. multigrain tuna-avocado roll
** 1.5 starch, 2 protein, 1 other ** ??? yeah that sounds about right...

i knew this wasn't very caloric to begin with, and having skipped my p.m. snack, i bought this to go with. it was an excellent choice as i was feeling a bit warm/dehydrated. and its got veggies in it too (but i bought it b/c it tastes good)! i sipped it throughout the class - here's my empty bottle:

odwalla "superfood"
** 2 fruit, 1 veg **

the class wasn't very fun. one lady was very high maintenance (and the store owners warned me about her!) and got annoyed when i said lets wait for everyone to start together (someone was picking out yarn) as she started working on her own but got stuck right off the bat. she then insisted on using a yarn i advised against using... not sure what she's paying for in taking a class if she won't listen to the teacher, but whateverrrrr. i also think she might be a compulsive liar (albeit a smart one, although i think good lying requires smarts in general), as was my bipolar--but very entertaining--chem teacher in high school. she told us about her daughter who passed the GED at 11, played with the phila. orch. at 12, graduated college at 15... i asked her if her daughter still played (because that sounds like someone who would be famous - google-able at very least) but no, she apparently quit shortly after her college career and went on to become an accountant. hmmm......

anyway... afterwards i decided some fro-yo was in order, so i had more of the greek-style
banana fro-yo from last week, with the other 1/2 of the banana from this morning. so good!
don't mind me i'm just crazy right now!

"greek-style" banana fro-yo, 1/2 banana
** 2 dairy, 1 other, 1/2 fruit **

i'm not sure i totally made up for the missed snack, but this was probably close to a 1/2 cup fro-yo (i've finished almost the entire pint in 2 helpings... but actually, i don't feel all that bad about that!).

and so the daily totals (i always get a bit nervous at this point):

5 starch
2 dairy
4.5 fruit
3 veg
5 protein
6 other

hmmm it's actually a bit low?! or well, lower than previous days.


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  2. damn you spammer, damn you. how are you able to comment when i have word verification on... anyone?!

  3. I don't know, but can you change it so you have to approve all comments before they appear? I like all those dancing bananas. Very festive. And tropical.