Friday, February 6, 2009

dinner & a movie (well, movie & a dinner)

i met my sister & her husband after work to see slumdog millionaire. REALLY good. since i knew we'd be having a late dinner (movie was @ 7), i had a small snack on the way there:

banana chocolate blastocrisp jamfrakas bar - crispy chewy food bar for KIDS - how can you resist?
** 1 starch **

after the movie we went to the best pizza place in town - lilly's. first we got our favorite salad... the tofu salad with spinach, dried cherries, cheese, pecans, almonds, grilled portobellas, and ginger-soy vinaigrette (and for anyone who thinks you don't like tofu, try it hot and marinated with pizza bread chunks and you will soon think otherwise).

exchanges? um... perhaps... ** 1 veg, 1 protein, 1 starch, 1 other **

then we got a pizza with garlic, spinach, white cheddar, tomatoes, zucchini, kalamata olives, parmesan, feta, and tomato sauce. now that's a lot of toppings! i hade a big slice:

again ummm.... ** 2 starch, 1 dairy, 1 veg, 2 other **

close enough i guess? whatever it was, it was a reasonable dinner... nice to actually be able to not freak out about going out for pizza... as this was SO not the case just a little while ago.

and the daily totals:

9 starch
2 protein
5 dairy
2.5 fruit
2 veg
5 other

a good start to the weekend.

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