Friday, February 20, 2009

blah. no pictures 'til tomorrow.

please, can i get over this dumb stomach bug, like now?

i slipped up. snack turned into a (small) binge and then purge, and then i just felt like s$%! how is it that 3 weeks of doing so well led to this, from getting sick for a couple days?! but i'm turning the page NOW and not tomorrow, because i refuse to let this affect how well i've been doing. i didn't ruin anything... i just ran into a challenge from this icky gi bug, and now i'm facing that challenge head on.

i can't deal with pictures right now but i ate a lot of saltine crackers (almost an entire strip of them over a few hours, but calorically that's not all that much considering i skipped am and pm snacks) and a cup of constant comment with honey, and i plan to have at very least a can of chicken noodle soup later. i actually feel OK for the moment so lets hope this is/was a 72-hr thing.

my cat just plopped herself down on my lap. that is all.

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  1. Setbacks happen. 3 weeks regular eats, 1 b&p is better than 3 weeks of b&p. You can't be perfect because no one is. You probably didn't develop your ed all at once, and it will be a gradual process to get squelch it. You're doing great. I hope you feel better soon.