Saturday, February 21, 2009

when i'm finally over this stomach thing...

i am going to be COOKING. things like roasted sweet potato curry, pesto stuffed chicken breast, tofu peanut soba noodles etc. the more i am unable to eat what i want right now, the more i think about food, and fear that it will stay this way. i find it amazing how, when i began to eat a variety of foods and not restrict (either in volume or types of foods), i thought about food WAY LESS. i would enjoy preparing/eating the food, but the enjoyment came from the activity of preparing and the act of nourishing, and did not extend past that. when i had finished, i would find the next activity (reading/crocheting/meeting a friend/etc.) much more fulfilling (or nourishing one might say!) than in the days that i did not eat adequately.

i've done OK to feed myself today... i'm trying to follow my nutritionist's advice by eating small amounts often, so i don't get too off track while sick. i actually went back for the 2nd half of my english muffin w/ almond butter at around 8:30 (but tossed the pear - no fresh/uncooked fruit until my stomach is back to normal, besides banana... so sad!), and at 10:30 i had this:

fruit muesli bar - perhaps a bit challenging on my stomach (as proved by the loud gurgling that followed) but i just did not want more pretzels/saltines/dry cereal

and now, at 12:30, i'm eating:

a can of healthy choice chicken noodle soup. wish i had picked up more at whole foods, because their brand was better than this stuff, but the grocery store was closer on my way home yesterday

i feel so blah and need to get out at least for a walk, but i think i've decided against running.

oh, and i miss dairy products.

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