Monday, February 9, 2009

dinner before 6?

i got home at 5:15 today and i was hungry! i had eaten my afternoon snack @ around 3:45 but i guess this didn't hold me over so well. i was debating between a snack and dinner, but decided that perhaps it would be better to have dinner at 5:45 rather than 9 (like the past 2 nights).

so i turned my edamame-tofu succotash leftovers into a soup, by adding a cup to a cup and a half of this: i figured since the succotash had corn in it, it would go nicely. and i STILL have more leftovers, so i will dutifully pack the rest for lunch tomorrow.

tofu-edamame succotash in corn soup, with sourdough bread for dunking
** 2 starch, 2 veg, 3 protein, 2 other **

oh and i ate 1 other small piece of bread while waiting for the soup to heat =). not sure why i was so hungry!

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