Saturday, February 21, 2009

breaking the rules

i decided to break the rules this morning and eat a normal breakfast (as opposed to a bland one, to nurse my gi tract back to health). i'm sick of not being able to give my all towards recovery right now (at least, that's what it feels like, even though it is totally not my fault), so this morning i told myself, 'that's enough, back to normal!'

so i made this:

ezekiel cinn-raisin english muffin, 1/2 with almond butter, 1/2 with cherry-plum jam, a pear, and like 4oz. coffee (because i'm trying to be a little gentle with my tummy)

... but if i had any doubt as to whether this ailment could be partly in my head, i know fo sho it ain't. i got through 1/2 the english muffin (the side with the jam - sad b/c i usually save the almond butta side for last as it's my favorite), 2 slices of pear, and probably 3 sips of coffee before i started having severe cramps. i threw the plate in the fridge (i don't know why, because when i eat later it will be something like soup & saltines, and not this, although i didn't have the energy to deal with it, and plus, throwing out an ezekiel muffin and almond butter is just sad to me!) and ran to bed. after 15 or so minutes i started feeling better, so here i am.


  1. Gorgeous breakfast plate!!

    Glad you're feeling better!!

  2. Your coffee mug is adorable! Where did you get it?

  3. hopeagain: my sister bought me a set of these! but i just found them online so if you want them... you can get them here: