Thursday, February 5, 2009


i bought strawberries (local!) and green grapes at the store today. i had a grape as soon as i came home to see if they would be sweet (sour green grapes are so disappointing), and they were supersweet, so i was excited to have them later on. also tried a new greek yogurt (hidden underneath the fruit), which was good but not really greek in my opinion (not really very thick).

i must have been craving yogurt today... this was the 2nd yogurt of the day ! good for the calcium... i'm waiting for bone density results from my doctor, which i'll find out on monday... what's done is done but perhaps i can do some damage control.

grapes/strawberries, and a voskos honey-vanilla bean yogurt
** 1 dairy, 1 fruit **

and the totals:

9 starch
5 protein
3 dairy
2.5 fruit
4 veg
5 other

i thought the totals were going to be more, so i'm relieved that they look reasonable to me. i wasn't all that hungry for my night snack (more tired and wanted to be done), but i felt a bit like the very hungry caterpillar up through my afternoon snack... i never felt all that full. hunger signals are so weird sometimes.

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