Tuesday, February 10, 2009

evil pumpkin spice tea...

i should have known. i have had at least 2 restless nights as a result of drinking this tea too late in the day:
but last night i wanted tea, and it was only around 7 by the time i had finished my early dinner, so i thought... what is one cup of tea going to do?

a LOT. i couldn't fall asleep for what seemed like forever, and then woke up at least a couple of times afterwards. this will be the LAST time i do this!

despite the restlessness, i still got up, packed lunch, went for a 3-mile run outside (which i definitely forced myself to do... it's not directly eat x calories burn x calories-- i actually eat a bit more on days when i run-- but running definitely makes eating feel safer somehow... anyway the run was tough at the beginning but then felt rather exhilarating, despite the lack of much-needed gloves-- my own stupidity), showered, made breakfast, and voila, here i am.

a small amount of fuel before the run:

1/2 cranberry-peanut granola bar
** 1/2 starch, 1 other **

for breakfast i was craving pb & almond butter:

ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin, 2T maple almond butter, sliced banana
** 2.5 starch, 1 fruit, 1 protein, 1 other **

i am insanely full right now. luckily the thought of getting rid of the food is pretty far back in my mind at the moment, but i still feel uncomfortable. i'm glad i packed my lunch FIRST so i don't have to deal with food for a while. here's what i packed:

clockwise from top-left:
morning snack - blackberry wallaby yogurt
lunch - finishing up the leftover smoked-tofu edamame succotash, to eat in a toasted pita w/ hoisin, + carrot sticks
afternoon snack - mix of pb puffins and dried fruit&nut mix
** 1 dairy / 2 starch, 3 protein, 2 veg, 2 other / 1 starch, .5 fruit, 1 other **

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