Sunday, March 1, 2009

sunday brunch at 7:30?

i woke up ravenous at 7:15 this morning. well i might not have woken up so early but for my cat who cannot make it past 7 without whining her head off.

i'm scared my nutritionist is going to tell me this means i need to eat MORE. although i'm still going with the hormone theory-- and so perhaps i do need a bit more at this part of my cycle-- because in general i have NOT been hungry like this. in some ways it is validating-- it is nice to be able to hear the hunger and listen to it (and not feel like i'm force feeding because of the clock when my hunger never comes)-- but in other ways it is terrifying. guess i can't completely win either way.

breakfast was an easy choice. actually i'm craving homemade pancakes, as it has been... years?... since i've had them... but i'm not going to make a batch for myself so i think i will ask my sister or a friend sometime soon. growing up, my mother would make buckwheat or cornmeal pancakes with bananas or blueberries. so yummy. it is sad that most kids are only exposed to pancake mixes with fake syrup.

flax waffles, not quite 2 T almond butter, banana, maple syrup
** 3 starch, 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 other **

surprisingly, i'm already getting low on fruit, so i may pick some up as i run out for catfood (belle's supply is running dangeorulsy low). somehow i'm down to 2 pears, a handful of strawberries, and 1 lone banana. i eat a ton of fruit!

as far as cooking this week, i think i must start eating up my leftovers from the freezer... it is jam packed! while searching for that turkey burger last night i discovered: smoky refried bean soup, roasted red pepper & chicken (to mix w/ pasta), caramelized ginger shrimp & containers of cooked rice, not to mention a slice of pizza, chicken sausages, veggie burgers, lamb, roast beef, tiny container of cooked chicken, etc. so that's where all my containers have disappeared to!!!

i also may bake mini two-colored squash loaf cakes for a company breakfast on wednesday, although i may leave that to tuesday night. i am going to make this in mini-version (because mini loaves are cuter). unfortunately this requires a trip to whole foods (argh, again!) unless i want to buy a whole container of pistachios for 1 cup (and i'm not even sure the regular store will have unsalted?)

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