Saturday, March 7, 2009

blah day

besides a wonderful 3.5 mile run in the hot sun after breakfast this morning, my productive day failed. i took my laptop to third place for a nice lunch, where i thought i'd get some much needed work done... but there were no free tables outside. i ended up sharing a (tiny) table with some guy while balancing my laptop on my knees (the tables are barely big enough for two people's food let alone a computer), but i really couldn't focus on my work without a table, so i ended up leaving not too long after i had finished my lunch. i ordered just what i was craving: a baked and melty open-faced onion bagel sammie with swiss cheese and sliced tomato, a side of fruit (a few HUGE strawberries and a twig of grapes), and an iced coffee with soymilk. i didn't have my camera with me, and i wasn't about to whip out a camera to shoot my food in a public place anyway... but i did quickly snap a pic of a very sweet and vibrant strawberry with my macbook digicam:

so red!

by 4 i was shaky. i don't know if it was from the double caffeine today, hunger, or both. i was definitely hungry for a snack, but the shakiness was a bit bizarre, so i'm thinking it was the caffeine.

when i ripped the sticker off of my pear it looked like a heart!

with a string cheese:

after my snack, i sat outside listening to music and working on my dress. and now, 6:30, and i'm waiting for my leftover PIZZA to bake in my oven... amazing bbq chicken pizza from the local and fabulous lillys pizza.

i started off with salad first. i often like salad before the pizza anyway, so that i can enjoy the pizza piping hot. plus i was HUNGRY! i finished off the kale/tomato/olive/avocado salad from yesterday:

and now i'm full after eating this:

SO GOOD. i'm still feeling kind of blah right now though. not really from guilt from the food (well i did have a thought today that i was being too "carefree" in that i was just eating what i wanted when i wanted it, but when i think about it, everything i ate was really reasonable) but from lonliness i think. wish i could meet up with a friend for coffee (which would be decaf, ha!) or something.

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  1. If you still want to get together with a friend in a few days, let me know... I know I am not exactly a "real" friend, but I'm in Jville for a few days while I'm on spring break, and will be heading back to VA sometime this week, and going your way... I'd LOVE to make a stop! I'm not sure when I'm going back, but I can let you know when I decide. :)