Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wah wah wah

i hate that i'm so often whining about how i'm tired... because it's my own fault. once again i went to bed too late.

i woke up hungry at... 1:30 a.m.! i guess a cadbury egg doesn't have the same staying power as my usual night snacks. i really hate when this happens, because i just feel... abnormal. like... normal people don't wake up 3 hours after they've gone to bed and want a snack. but i'm pretty sure the hunger was legit... i crept into the kitchen and grabbed this:

... and i'm guessing within a minute after i had finished it i was back asleep.

i got up at 6, debating a run. i decided for it, but i told myself no pre-run snack for you! (think seinfeld/soup nazi). this was a MISTAKE.

c'mon rebecca... so you had 130 calories late last night. you are about to run at least 3 miles. hellloooooo in there??!!??!!

about a 1/4 through the run, i was HUNGRY. by the 3/4 mark i was SO ready to be done. and really i should have skipped this run altogether...

i'd be enjoying my breakfast more right now if i wasn't so darn tired.

covering up my "YUM" plate: homemade blueberry oat bran muffin (so much better toasted!), with pumpkin butter on half, maple-almond butter on the other half; strawberries & cottage cheese

due to the paltry amount of almond butter, and complete lack of banana here, i packed this old standby for lunch:

banana & almond butter sammie!

... along with a fresh champagne mango:

and for a snack...

banana vanilla wallaby yogurt, kashi heart 2 heart cereal

OH! i forgot to REVIEW my FREE stonyfield farm oikos honey-on-the-bottom greek yogurt! i really liked it-- especially how the honey was almost liquidy at the bottom, so it created a sort of honey-syrup. BUT honestly, i probably WON'T be buying these, because at $2 a pop (50% more expensive than chobani), i can add in my own tablespoon of honey. also, i think i still prefer the texture of chobani. but since i have more FREE coupons, and some other discount coupons, i will definitely be (happily) eating more of these in the future .

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