Monday, March 30, 2009

plug for kashi

nope, i don't work for kashi... but heed my advice. go out and buy kashi island vanilla! i've read about this cereal on several food blogs, and so, when my usually obscenely-priced harris teeter put the cereal on sale for $2.50, i bought a box.

these are the grown-up and tastier version of frosted mini wheats. SO GOOD!

of course, i couldn't eat just ONE kind of cereal...

kashi island vanilla mixed with mainely maine granola, blueberries, and vanilla soymilk

nO aLmOnD bUtTeR oR bAnAnA?!?!?! no worries, i got that covered later .

i went for a nice run this morning. once again, i went slightly over "budget" for my weekly running allowance. but only by a mile or so. i had a whole foods granola bar before i left, but i just wasn't in the mood for snapping a picture.

i packed lunch @ 6 this morning, pre-run:

smoked turkey, baby greens, small amount of mayo, and aged hirtenkase* cheese on 12-grain harvest bread

*i finished the aged gouda that i enjoyed so much, and so i asked the cheese guy @ whole foods what he'd recommend as something similar but different, so that i could try out something new. i tasted this as i was packing, and it's very good, but not quite as tasty as the gouda.

packed along with...

... strawberries and veggies-- carrots, bell pepper, a few cherry tomatoes

and for a snack...

small banana (and not quite all of it because the end was dark ) with the remaining 1/2 of a previously opened maple-almond butter squeeze pack. i think i have almond butter/banana withdrawal if i skip it for more than... half a day!

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