Sunday, March 8, 2009

daylight savings = time is slipping away!

i feel like i'm on a time crunch. my apt. is not going to get clean because i must get work done, and i'm meeting the fellow yarn store employees/teachers for a dinner tonight at FIVE (who on earth plans dinner for 5?!), and it's a good 1/2 hour away...

i've used 6.5 of my 10 running miles for the week, but i'm feeling a bit anxious (and the weather is SO gorgeous out) so i think i'll run 1/2 the usual path i run behind my apt. (1.5 mi), and walk back. i'm allowed to walk so i think this will work out. and then i'll still have a 20 min run left for monday or tuesday, since the week starts over on wed. then i plan to shower and head out to a nearby coffeeshop (a different one than yesterday-- this one is QUIET with LOTS of tables) and get some serious work done. i didn't even have my COFFEE yet today so i know i have to hurry my butt up.

i'm also nervous because we are going out to maggiano's little italy tonight, and while i think i am at a point that i can enjoy some nice italian, what really scares me are the HUGE plates of food. i really do not know how to eat off of a plate that can serve 3... and so i wish i could ask for a separate plate where i could put a reasonable portion on, and package up the rest... but i think i'm too embarrassed/self-conscious to do that. in the past in these situations, i end up undereating because i'm far too scared of eating too much. maybe i can just inconspicuously divide my plate into what i think is a reasonable portion. and if i eat that and still want a bit more, that's OK too. but i just don't know about that never-ending mound of pasta that seems so typical at chain restaurants....

i'm going to be careful to not change up what i eat today because of going out to dinner... although i may have a morning snack or slightly bigger lunch, because i'm not going to have an afternoon snack if we are meeting at 5.

so... onto breakfast:

ezekiel cinnamon-raisin english muffin, crunchy pb (pb & co. - it is quite liquidy and so very messy, but yum), strawberry jam, and an apple

off to be somewhat productive.

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  1. a lot of the times, maggiano's is actually family style so that you can take however much you want of whatever you want :)