Monday, March 9, 2009


this is such a pretty lunch that i thought it merited washing off the colorful "yum" plate from breakfast. here is the leftover deviled egg & veggie wrap from yesterday (this is 1/2 the wrap... they are HUGE!), some baked blue corn tortilla chips, and the exciting part, a mango that i had totally forgotten that i bought last week. i was thinking... hmm, what to serve with the wrap... bell pepper? carrots? an apple (the only other fresh fruit i have besides bananas)? and then i saw the beautiful champagne mango in the fridge. mmmmmango!

got my money's worth on this lunch!


  1. mmmm that looks SO good. did you touch the mango skin? do you get a rash?

  2. it IS so good! and yea, i've always touched the mango skin and have never gotten a rash... must not be genetic or if it is i don't share those genes w/ u!