Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tired energy

i'm tired and energized at the same time this morning. i wish i had gone to bed early last night, but that didn't happen, and so i'm riding on just under 7 hours of sleep. but i got out of bed right quick*, made lunch, packed up my stuff for crochet class tonight, and headed out for a run. it was not quite sunrise when i left, but not totally dark, either. i enjoy running as it gets lighter and lighter out (but hate the opposite).

i ate this before i left:

whole foods bakery chewy granola bar. thought i was all out of these!

and now i'm having an awesome bowl of...

... overnight muesli yogurt! muesli is really good soaked in yogurt (i have bob's red mill but any kind would be good), so last night i mixed together a 6 oz. chobani, 2-3 oz. vanilla soymilk, and a generous 1/3 cup muesli. i added the milk because the muesli soaks up the liquid as it is, and i've learned that any time i pack cereal and greek yogurt, it becomes almost like a paste. i didn't have any non-flavored regular yogurt, and i didn't feel like using flavored yogurt, so this worked really well. i added a sliced banana and maple syrup drizzle this morning. perfect!

i packed lunch and snacks, although i'm not sure when i'll have what. i was thinking of having a snack late morning/close to lunchtime, and then a late lunch, because i have a presentation to give at 12:30, and i know i won't be able to stomach a full lunch before then. so maybe i'll have this in a few hours:

not quite 1/2 cup cottage cheese (scraped the bottom of the container), a chopped fig, and salted peanuts. random, but those were the first 2 snacky things i saw in my pantry, so i went with the flow .

lunch is almost a repeat of yesterday...

... except that my sandwich is slightly smaller (used the pieces close to the ends of the bread, less meat/cheese), and i packed the other 1/2 of the sweet potato from last night, in strips (to eat cold, of course, because that is how you eat leftover sweet potato!)

presentation at work in less than 4 hours. eek!

* uh oh, nc is rubbing off on me

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  1. Sunrise runs are the BEST! Good luck on your presentation. :)