Friday, March 20, 2009

morning calm

i'm quite sleepy at the moment... i really should have gone to bed earlier last night. i'm going to try hard to not let the sleepiness affect my work today, or i will feel guilty about it.

i decided to run for an adrenaline boost. i ate this pre-run:

i think this is my favorite zbar flavor, of the ones i've tried (and i think i've had 'em all except the apple cinnamon). perfect size before a morning run.

and my run was great! but i think it took me 30 min to get my butt into the shower afterwards, as i just lost all energy/motivation upon entering the apartment. kind of how i feel right now...

i made a pretty breakfast after showering:

flax waffles, 1 with pumpkin butter and candied walnuts, the other with almond butter and a few banana slices, 2 big strawberries, sliced, and the last of my blackberries. drizzled w/ maple syrup...

i think it is important to me to have a nourishing breakfast, both in the foods that i choose (i've talked about this before) but also in the preparation/experience. this doesn't mean that i wouldn't be happy with a bowl of cereal (i love cereal, although i've been on a waffle/english muffin/oatmeal kick as of late) but that i wouldn't be happy making a toasted banana/pb waffle sandwich to eat in the car on my way to work. or gulping everything down in 10 minutes. i think my favorite time of the day is just after i've finished my breakfast and i can sit and relax with the end of my coffee, anticipating the day ahead.

i packed my lunch before my run this morning:

step 1 - whole wheat, roasted garlic hummus, tabouli, and a small piece of avocado leftover in the fridge. avocado actually stays fresh for a few days if wrapped up well-- i just cut off the top, which had browned.

step 2 - all covered with herbed greens


packed with cucumber slices and red pepper strips:

i planned today's outfit around the bracelet i made last night! OH, it is LATTE day. hooray!


  1. We are like morning food twins. I had waffles this morning as well, and I have a blueberry Z bar in my bag for a snack. LOL.

  2. ooh but where's the post?! =)