Monday, March 2, 2009

so i decided to work from home after all. i had gotten a nice early start-- at my computer working by 7:15. by 9:15 i was already tired, so i heated up some leftover coffee with milk:

(probably not even 1/2 a dairy so whatever)

at around 11 i got the idea to go for a run, despite having decided not to this morning. i'm really not sure how the running fits into the mix with everything else. on one hand, i had energy to burn, and it felt like a healthy way to release it, but on the other hand it felt slightly as if someone was telling me "go on rebecca, go run, go on" and i listened to that voice. and i'm afraid i won't be able to say no to it at some point.

i ate this before i left:

1/2 pistachio larabar
** 1/2 fruit, 1 other **

i listened to lily allen's fabulous new cd while running, it's not me it's you, and it was so fantastic that i kept going until the cd was over. my 3-mi run ended up clocking in at 5 miles. i know, probably not the best thing . at the 3 mile mark, i just really wasn't tired, and the music was so upbeat that i just kept going. at around mile 4 a clearly anorexic girl walked into the gym. great... just the thing for me to see. she was wearing those thin yoga-type pants, and ran in them, which is an odd atire for an indoor gym... anyway, i didn't let it get to me. i'm actually glad i don't look like that anymore.......

i'm finishing off this massive lunch plate-- mixed the last of my nutty vanilla sweet potato kale soup with about a cup of brown rice, topped with a few peanuts and coconut. and now i'm contemplating some yogurt & fruit...

** 3 starch, 2 protein, 2 veg, 2 other **

i know, i've had a bajillion pics like this in the last few days...

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