Saturday, March 14, 2009


i'm so happy that the weekend is here. AND i'm so happy that i am not working at all. definitely deserves a jumping smiley ! marilyn (of now you get to live - my apologies for screwing that up yesterday) sent me the pic we had some random stranger take of us at whole foods yesterday. i think it turned out very cute. the two of us chatted for over 3 hours... about life, our recovery, our love for cute place settings... and as she already posted in her blog, it seemed so natural and comfortable. marilyn is a very genuine and REAL person, and i think despite our different lives, we could understand each other. also, i think we are in similar places in our recovery, which is great. i'm excited we will get to do this again!

yay for lattes!

wow. i could not figure out what i wanted for breakfast this morning. i wanted everything. the biggest decision was... did i want oats/oatbran? or did i want waffles? i decided i wanted the crunch so went with the waffles. but instead of deciding on a topping or a fruit, i went with a whole smorgasbord. i had just bought pumpkin butter, dates, and more FRUIT yesterday at whole foods, so i included them all!

2 toasted flax waffles... one with almond butter and dates, the other with pumpkin butter and a few banana slices... and the whole thing drizzled with maple syrup... plus a side of strawberries and kiwi

i plan on spending the morning cleaning. not exactly exciting, but it's not so much of a chore for me when i do it with the whole weekend ahead of me. it is almost somewhat therapeutic...


  1. Yay for waffles! Great minds (from PA) think alike ;)

    Deliciousness! LOVE the idea of dates + almond butter on a waffle - I like to pit medjool dates and stuff 'em with nut butter... great combo of flavors.