Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mmmm leftovers

this is like, the perfect dinner. HA. but seriously, this is one of my favorite recipes, and i think it came out extra yummy this time. i doubled the tomatoes (recipe originally called for 1 cup diced and i just added the full 14.5 oz. can, knowing that i'd waste the other half of the can if i didn't). and the whole foods brand frozen spinach seems to have more texture, if that makes any sense. also, i didn't have mustard seeds last time so i had used mustard powder instead, and so perhaps sauteeing the seeds adds more flavor.

it is SO nice to come home and just heat up dinner. no prep, no cleanup.

bengali lentil stew topped with a spoonful of greek yogurt, whole wheat naan brushed lightly with olive oil and toasted

i thought about toasting up 1/2 the naan, but it is so good and i was huuungry! a couple months ago i did NOT have hunger for most of my meals/snacks, and now my hunger is actually somewhat consistent. my nutritionist told me today that this is a good sign that i'm not overeating (my fear, not likely hers) because i wouldn't be getting hungry at regular intervals if my body was being overfed. instead, it is saying, more fuel, please!

i cannot wait for seventy degree weather tomorrow! i'm looking forward to another "sunrise run" tomorrow morning, but unfortunately, it will only be about 40 when i head out.

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