Monday, March 23, 2009

the pleasures of pet ownership...

sometimes i have trouble staying focused while blogging in the morning if i have just gone for a run, because, while i enjoy blogging during breakfast, i think my mind is more on the yummy food than it is on typing . i'm currently enjoying this:

ezekiel 4:9 sprouted english muffin, 1/2 a banana + almond butter, more almond butter + strawberry jam (ab&j), plus a side of cottage cheese with 1/2 a pear

so yeah, last night my cat was sleeping on my bed-- i rarely let her up there, but she was just so cute and snuggly. when i was ready to turn out the light i pushed her, quite hard, both waking her up and getting her to MOVE at the same time. so ok, maybe that was a bit mean...

she wimpered, but when i put her in her little cat cradle furniture thingy (no better description), she cozied right up. nothing unusual, right?! yeah......

i got into bed and tried to fall asleep... i had a bit on my mind so i was somewhat restless... and after maybe 15 minutes i shifted and felt something... wet. oh god. apparently in the act of waking/startling my cat, she PEED. i don't think she did it out of spite or anything... she's only peed outside her box a couple times, ever, and those were when she had a urinary tract infection. so at around 11 i had the pleasure of doing 2 loads of wash... 1 for my huge bedspread, which luckily fit into the machine, and another for my sheets. my bedspread is now hanging over my shower, but i'm a bit worried that with it being so damp/heavy it could mildew or something. i have no idea, maybe that isn't likely... it's not like it's balled up or anything. i've only dry cleaned it in the past, and it isn't even supposed to go in the washing machine, but i just wanted to wash it stat after the catpee.

so needless to say i am tired this morning. i still made it out for a run, which was a bit hard, but refreshing. i am going to miss the 40 degree weather for my runs! especially when it is 80 by a.m. i ate this before heading out:

getting into a bit of a rut with these pre-run!

lunch packed early this morning:

components for a toasted pita pocket sandwich: whole wheat pita, herbed greens, sliced cucumber, and the cannellini bean spread i made yesterday, plus bell pepper strips and strawberries

i initially pulled out pb pretzels and dried fruit to pack as a snack, but then realized that i was quite dairyless today (i packed this before i knew what i was going to have for bfast), so i switched up the pb pretzels for a yogurt (but not before eating 2 out of the bag!). thank you again stonyfield farm for sending me coupons for free yogurts! this is the first one i will be trying. i'm excited because the container says "honey at the bottom." i like to mix "on the bottom" yogurts only very slightly, so that i have swirls of the topping throughout. i've been known to eat wallaby dark chocolate down under from top to bottom... from the the tangy sweet yogurt on top to the decadant chocolate underneath...

packed along with dried apricots and a few dried cherries

(unsulfured... that's why they are so dark)

off to work i go, sleepy, but clean...

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