Monday, March 30, 2009

dipping in

i opened my fridge upon entering my apartment today... i needed a snack while prepping dinner. i munched on carrots dipped in roasted garlic hummus:

while driving home, i decided tonight would be a raid-the-freezer-for-leftovers night. i remembered that i had a serving of plumped-ginger-caramel shrimp + a serving of cooked rice in my freezer, so i figured i'd put a small amount of energy into making a veggie. i stopped off at teeter on my way home, and i was inspired when i saw the big, green artichokes. i haven't had artichokes in a looooong time, and really didn't know how to cook them, but i picked one up!

after googling for a while, i learned that artichokes are quite easy to cook... but i didn't really feel like waiting 45 minutes to boil/steam mine. so... with guidance from a few helpful sites, i decided to NUKE it! i wrapped it in plastic wrap, per instructed, and zapped that sucker for roughly 12 minutes. and you know what? it came out great!

plumped ginger-caramel shrimp over rice, artichoke heart, and artichoke leaves. oh, and i made a quick dipping sauce with honey, mustard, apple cider vinegar, and garam masala!

success, yet again!

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  1. Hey, Rebecca. I see on here that you had a date, congrats, now how did it go? How are things going? Things are ok here, headed back to Ohio soon and back to regular life.