Sunday, March 29, 2009


i've had 3 mishaps today:

1) i washed my hair with conditioner instead of shampoo because i switched to a new bottle and... well yeah, it wasn't shampoo
2) i spilled decalcifying liquid (used to clean my coffee machine once a year or so) on my shirt and most likely ruined it (it's in the wash now but it's not looking promising)
3) my dinner exploded in my microwave

#3 caused a very un-aesthetically pleasing picture...

leftovers: whole wheat shells & cheddar w/ cherry tomatoes, pea puree... plus a tangelo and a kiwi (i was seriously craving fruit)

lets hope these mishaps don't continue...


  1. I hope that shirt is ok.. How did the date go??

  2. not sure yet about the shirt (i am hanging it up to dry and it's too dark of a color to tell if the stains came out, but i'm still not optimistic). the date went well, i think! he asked if i'd want to hang out next weekend (we live 35 or so min apart) so i think that's a good sign!

  3. fun! I'm living vicariously through you. ahah. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the shirt.