Friday, March 27, 2009


i REALLY didn't feel like cooking tonight, but i also didn't feel like a frozen pizza. i remembered i had a box of annie's whole wheat shells & cheddar at home, and on my way home decided that this box would taste nice with some cherry tomatoes. so i stopped off @ whole foods, where i bumped into my friend F (who was off to a yoga class). i bought what seemed like an impossible amount of fruit, but i know it really won't be!

when i got home, i started boiling some water, and thought about what i wanted for a veggie. i wasn't really in a salad mood... and then somehow... i'm not sure how... i thought of the pureed peas i used to eat ALL the time in france when i was a nanny. both because the little girl (who was 3 at the time) loved them, and because i loved them too! the girl's mother always made them with canned peas (she told me the texture came out funky when she used frozen), pureed with a bit of creme fraiche, s&p. oh how i wish i could find creme fraiche here... we used to get 30% (fat content), which was perfectly creamy and delicious, and the stuff i find here in the US is like 90%. not that i'm unwilling to eat it, but clearly it wouldn't taste the same. so i settled for the only thing remotely creamy that i had in my fridge... greek yogurt!

oh, yum.

i wish my kitchen wasn't a mess right now (i need to empty the d/w so i just stuck all the dirty dishes in the sink and left the counters unwiped). but really, it shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes... i'm just lazy tonight!

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